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Feb 20, 2012

Favorites: Eye Makeup

This is a continued Favorites post, so I suggest you check out my favorite face products too! I am going to list out each of my favorite eye makeup products by category. These are all of my personal favorites and a few that I have heard rave reviews about and will try once I'm out of the ones I'm currently using! I use my MAC and MUG shadows pretty much everyday, which you can read about in My MAC Palettes post.

Feb 16, 2012

Interview Tips: Dress for Success

This post was originally from my intern blog, but I thought I would share it here also as it applies to makeup! 

This semester is flying by, for me at least, and that means summer internships are quickly approaching! In my experience, most places who have stated on their own company sites or on search engines are going to begin the interview process at end of February and in March. It is smart to prepare now so if you are busy around the time of an interview, you won't feel the panic that you are not prepared.

Feb 11, 2012

Sephora Haul

About a week ago, I picked up some new products that I had been dying to try or simply missed owning. I typically wait a few weeks to buy something I've been wanting to see if that desire to own it sticks with me or not, and thus, worth purchasing or not. 

- MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream in 18 - Purple (light lilac shimmer)

Feb 8, 2012

Wednesday Wish list!

I have been wanting to get on a blogging schedule and therefore came up with Wednesday Wish list! While I can't say I am going to have a new wish list every week, I will post at least one a month. My wish list is, you guessed it, the products I wish I had and am dying to try! Since I haven't yet purchased any of these items, I would LOVE to get your feedback if you have tried them and whether or not you liked them, etc.

1. BB Cream

Photo Credit 

"Blemish Balm" Cream is one of Asia's hottest beauty trends right now. According to various articles, BB creams were originally made in Germany and used for healing laser skin surgery because of it's ability to regenerate the skin by protecting, soothing, and refining. It is also used for scarring, acne, blemishes, SPF, skin brightening and moisturizing. Since then, Asian women decided to use it as a daily beauty product for it's all-around skin benefits, versus using multiple products at the same time. It now has spread it's way around the world and more recently, here to the U.S. 
Many popular brands have come out with their own version of BB Creams. Sephora even has their own "BB Cream Collection" page with all the brands they offer. The price generally is pretty expensive for not a ton of product, but if I were to guess, a little goes a LONG way. Not only for it's texture's spreading ability over the skin, but for all that is included in just ONE squirt!
Based on reviews I have seen by fellow beauty bloggers, I am most inclined to begin my experience using BB Cream with the Smashbox or Boscia brand. I personally am young enough (20) to not need Clinique's age defense (while on the other hand, I guess it doesn't hurt to begin using anti-aging products early?) and do not think I would want a tinted cream like Too Faced's BB Cream. Personal preferences I suppose and only a few dollars difference between them all.


2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Described by Sephora as:

"This long-wearing foundation evens out skin tone as it increases skin luminosity and clarity for a radiant glow. The rich, creamy texture glides over the skin effortlessly for perfect application and blendability. Perfect for rosacea and hard to cover pigmentation. Ideal for all skin types, and oil free."

This foundation has been very highly regarded by my Favorite Beauty Gurus! When used in many of their tutorials, it simply looks flawless (not that these women aren't already so gorgeous). The one and only reason I have put off purchasing this is to force myself to finish up the foundations I already have first! Plus, at $42, this is pretty expensive for a foundation too. 

3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Described by Sephora as:

"Get 12 hours of flawless coverage with this long-wearing, skin-perfecting formula with UVA/UVB SPF 15. It's full coverage with a weightless texture. With a broad range of shades available and a supremely blendable and buildable formula, everyone can achieve skin that looks healthy and natural." 

I absolutely love all Tarte products I have tried- from mascara to amazonian blushes to lip stains- and therefore really want to try this too! I love that it has UVA/UVB SPF 15 and do believe the long-wearing feature of the amazonian clay, as I have found it to be true of the blushes. Additionally, I always feel good about purchasing natural products that I know will be good for my sensitive, acne-prone skin.

4. Essie Nail Polish

I love the new spring collection (including a crewed interest (peach), to buy or not to buy (lavender), and tour de finance (fuschia)), as well as mint candy apple (green) and lapiz of luxury (blue). These all seem like great spring and summer shades!

Overall, not sure why I'm craving to own so many face products, but that's just the way it is for my first Wednesday wish list! Have you tried any of these products mentioned above? I'd love to know what you think of them and if they are worth purchasing!

TELL ME: What's on your Wednesday wish list? List in a comment below :)

Feb 5, 2012

Eyes: Looks I Love

Hello lovelies,

Confession: I have an absolute obsession with Pinterest. Not only do I love the fashion and home decor ideas, the recipes & DIYs, but also the makeup looks and inspiration! These are some of my favorites that I repinned. I plan to recreate many of these looks, and include blog posts/tutorials on them as well! 

Which one is your favorite? 

Whatever gold shadow that is- I want it! PERFECT true gold shimmery sparkly gold. Suggestions?

I love the gold and purple combination. Also, I always use a soft brown just above the crease for a softer/less harsh line and an ivory/white in the inner corner and under the brow for highlight.
This frosty green shadow is absolutely gorgeous! It's an uncommon look, but it's stunning and I think will fit well into Spring with mint green being such an on-trend shade.

This is a look I often wear- the combination of pinks and purples with black eyeliner and bold lashes. It looks even more wonderful on those with green eyes- as pictured above. On the color spectrum, purple is one of the most flattering shades to make green eyes stand out even more.

I love this matte, natural look with a hint of smoke and definition to go with a red lip. Simple and classic.

Bold color-block look, but such beautiful colors that surprisingly compliment each other quite well.

This is such a simple look that I am DYING to try. Unfortunately I absolutely cannot seem to find my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in a green color very similar to this! I'm sure NYX has a similar shade but at a lower price that I will buy at Ulta soon!

Fierce smoky cat eye with purple. Yes, I clearly love purple shadow looks! Always flattering and more exciting than brown or gray.

While being a very harsh and strong smoky eye, I wanted to point out how well the black liner defines the eye especially with white right next to it. The black tip in the inner corner narrows the shape of the eye, a common beauty trick I've found from many YouTube makeup tutorial bloggers! That, in combination with a wing on the outer corner, is a fierce look if you can pull it off!

I love how soft yet defining this look is. A well-blended navy crease, satin violet, frosty light baby pink on the inner third, winged liner and curled lashes! Love it.

This icy blue is definitely intense and not an everyday look, but I absolutely LOVE the blue shade with white. Almost like a winter look gone dramatic.

Last but certainly not least, I am IN LOVE with this look! Shimmery brown, light white gold in the inner corner, and green, blue and purple liner with black in the waterline. I'm trying this as soon as I get another green liner- I have a perfect blue and purple and will be sure to do a tutorial/product recommendations!

Feel free to share any suggestions for some of the eyeshadow colors I would love to have, your favorite look, or other ideas from Pinterest that you've found and loved!

 I am still new to blogging, so any feedback and support is so greatly appreciated and I promise I will return the favor!


Feb 3, 2012

What's coming up soon...

For those of you who are new to Truly Twenties, I began my blogging on Wordpress, with beauty and internship information. I decided to separate the beauty and intern sections into two different pages- same name, different blogging platform.

I am still learning about Blogger and in the process of well, attempting, to make my own logo for the header as well as a custom design. If any of you are experiences Blogger-users and have any tips/tricks for me, I'd be so appreciative!

Within this month, I will....
- Continue my Favorites posts- including eye makeup, brushes, lip products, skincare, and haircare
- Do hauls and reviews on new products (drugstore, Ulta, and Sephora)
- Show you my beauty inspirations, and maybe even how YOU can achieve certain looks
- Tweet my Favorite Beauty Gurus YouTube tutorials that I have found helpful
- And more...I have to leave some mystery :)

Thank you for all of your support! Xo <3

My MAC Palettes

Before I do my Favorites: Eye Makeup post, I wanted to at least knock out my MAC palettes in their own post- there's too many! I took pictures of my palettes and swatched each eyeshadow as best as I could. I recommend going on to Makeup Geek's blog/website in my previous post or to the MAC website if you can't get a true feeling of the color from what I'm providing in this post.

I have two MAC 15-color palettes! They have 2-color, 4-color, and 15-color empty of course I got the 15! It is reasonably priced and 100% worth it for the organization and saving money too (the refill pans are cheaper than the regular eyeshadows). One palette is warm colors (gold, copper, brown, red) and the other is cool colors (white, pink, purple, blue, black). You may organize it absolutely any way you want- that's why it's called a custom palette! I like putting the warms together and the cools together because usually the colors you put near each other in the palette will compliment each other well on the eye too.

Side Note: Both MAC and MUG (Make Up Geek) refill pans fit in this palette!


From left to right, top to bottom....
MAC Retrospeck, MAC Woodwinked, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Bamboo, MUG Purely Naked, MUG Glamorous, MUG Gold Digger, MAC Amber Lights, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Mulch, MUG Cocoa Bear, MAC Twinks, MAC Sketch


Out of all of these, wonder what my favorites are? 

Twinks and All That Glitters were among the first MAC shadows I ever bought. I would say more currently, my favorites are MAC Amber Lights and MUG Gold digger! They are both VERY pigmented, rich and such gorgeous colors. In my "nice-attempt" swatches, the Amber Lights look a little more orange than it really is, just as an FYI. Also, for some reason MUG Glamorous and MAC Amber Lights look very similar, however Glamorous is lighter and less brown-copper. In future posts I'll show the difference in maybe a look on the eyes instead of my hand. Get excited!

Quick summary of each:

MAC Retrospeck- very light and shimmery gold/ivory; can be a great highlight color but you might want a few coats
MAC Woodwinked- dark antique gold, rich, shimmery
MAC All That Glitters- one of best-selling MAC shades; similar to glamorous but a bit more in the bronze arena rather than the orange/copper color range. It's almost identical to the 2nd shade in this LORAC palette.
MAC Bamboo & MUG Purely Naked- almost identical, could be used as concealer color, very natural/skin-toned but is great for the no-makeup makeup look to add a little definition in the crease! Purely Naked has a little shimmer, Bamboo is matte.
MUG Glamorous- a more natural, lighter version of amber lights.
MUG Gold Digger- yellow gold, rich shimmer
MAC Amber Lights- very rich copper, also similar to the 3rd shade in the LORAC palette I linked above. I used to have that palette in high school and loved those colors, so I wanted something similar when I got MAC palettes!
MAC Satin Taupe- one of the best-selling MAC shades; taupe is sort of a light bronze/gray shade.
MAC Mulch- deep bronze without being too dark
MUG Cocoa Bear- orange/light brown, very warm shade. Similar to Amber Lights almost but it's matte.
MAC Twinks- Dark, cool brown with shimmer
MAC Sketch- deep, dark red; dark version of a cranberry shade with hints of purple


From left to right, top to bottom (all MAC except one):
White Frost, Seedy Pearl, Pink Frost, Swish, Creme de Violet, Satellite Dreams, Nocturnelle, MUG Purple Rain, Tilt, Parfait Amour, Contrast, Electra, Knight Divine, Carbon


My favorites: White Frost, Nocturnelle (goes great will copper/browns since it is a warm purple), Purple Rain (better purple to put in crease with other cooler colors on the lid), carbon.
I love a lot of the blues and purples but I don't wear them quite as often. The swatches for white frost and seedy pearl did not come out well- seedy pearl has a very light lilac/lavender undertone and white frost is...white frost! Contrast and Carbon swatches also came out funny too...but you get the gist. Navy shimmer and matte black. Knight Divine is a dark, shimmery charcoal grey (don't know why it looks a little green??). Again, I will try to incorporate these shadows into looks so you can get a better feel for them. In the meantime, definitely look at the MUG website and MAC website too. I don't feel the need for quick descriptions on these as I already just explained a few, and they are different enough and noticeable for the correct shade in the palette/swatches. Feel free to make any requests/questions about any of these MAC shadows and I will gladly explain or give you advice for them!

Keep in mind, this took me a few years to build up to! Don't buy a ton at once, just 2 or 3 and build over time when you find shadows in the store or reviews of shadows you love!
Long post just about 2 MAC palettes! This is why I put it as it's own post...but the Favorite: Eye Makeup will be posted by Sunday! :)

What's your favorite MAC/MUG eye shadow?

Favorites: Face Makeup

After trying many products from various brands, I have come to find a lot of my all-time favorite must-haves! I will do one post for each category so that I can give descriptions and pictures. Part 1- Face Makeup!


-MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation

Over Thanksgiving break when I was home, I couldn't help it but to take a visit into the MAC store. I had actually gone in to look at and try out some of the Winter Collection products. Well, long story short, I ended up spending almost an hour in the store and got all of my makeup done by one of the artists! Not only did I buy some eye shadows from the Winter Collection, but foundation and a few other products that she used on me (I'm easily convinced when it comes to shopping..such a dangerous habit).
This is by far my favorite liquid foundation..ever. I have the Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation but I feel that the coverage doesn't last nearly as long as this one (it is HD after all). This also has SPF 15 which is always a plus, especially in this strong Florida sun that shines all year long! It blends and matches my skin tone PERFECTLY. Just to give you a reference for those of you who know me, my shade is 1.5. For those of you who don't, I have what they would probably call a "medium beige" skin tone, depending on the time of the year/how tan I am. Last, since there is not a lid at the pump, it has a lock...which I have come to love and prefer! No more worrying about where the cap went, just lock and put it away- no mess.


-Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation

I have become completely hooked on powder foundations. Not only are they perfect and easy for on-the-go, but surprisingly have great coverage too. I have also used the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, but I must say I like this one better. It's a little bit more creamy/smooth, but still lightweight, and has a better applicator (if you choose to use it). I also like the packaging better, whereas my Studio Fix packaging broke pretty easily (the part where you open it). This is the best one I have ever found, and I would choose it over Bare Minerals any day (it's not messy!).


- Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact- Sun Bunny

First of all, this bronzer has lasted me FOREVER. I haven't tried many other bronzers since this one lasts so long. Odd thing though is they changed the packaging since I bought it to the usual Too Faced packaging. Mine is the same brown packaging as...

....strange. Anyways....I think it's the perfect bronze shade that would work for all types of skin tones. It's a buildable bronzer so if you are more fair-skinned, one swipe on each cheek bone would probably do the trick.
Side note: The description for this bronzer is quite humorous...
"Dust yourself with this naturally naughty, perfectly tan-like bronzer. Enjoy year round bronzed perfection with the most natural and skin perfecting glow this side of the Caribbean. The silky golden warmth combined with a pink under toned bronze mimics a natural tan with out any of the orangey ick! So save your skin and stop harassing your travel agent, and fake your bake like a Hollywood Starlet!"
....I'd love to have that job to write descriptions of products like this! HA!


-NARS blush- Orgasm

This cult favorite came as no surprise to me when I first tried it about three years ago. I got it as a duo with the laguna bronzer, and absolutely FELL IN LOVE. It is the perfect amount of shimmer and perfect peachy-pink shade that is for sure universally flattering. I have absolutely no complaints about this. Shade, pigmentation, shimmer, packaging, ....all perfection. Wouldn't expect anything less from NARS anyways.

-Tarte Amazonian Clay 12- Hour Blush

For all the times I want more of a baby pink matte blush, I go for the shade "Amused." It's super pigmented, and swatched, you'd probably think it was way too strong to look natural. So just remember, a little goes a LONG way with this one! I hope to get this blush in more shades soon :)


-Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil

I sometimes use Bare Minerals, but am not a huge fan just because it is loose powder and I feel like I am constantly tipping it over to get more product out. I'm more of a pressed powder foundation kind of girl, but I must admit I do like the Mineral Veil. It gives a great finish, even just over liquid foundation. It's a very sheer color too so if some happens to spill, it doesn't create a mess! I definitely think it keeps my makeup in place longer and evens out the hydration of my skin throughout the day.

-Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

For those super hot days walking around a theme park, this is the product that saves me! In addition to Boscia Green Tea blotting sheets. This goes on sheer and is a wonderful mattifier! LOVE it.

*I did not post about concealers because I don't have issues with dark circles under my eyes or I typically don't use concealer. If I do, I just use the Sephora brand quad concealer...pretty basic.

*In terms of a highlight, I typically don't use anything because I don't want the extra shimmer/shine on my face. If I do, I typically use my Maybelline Champagne Fizz works!

*Still on the search for a good primer! I'm currently using the Prime Time by Bare Minerals but I'm for some reason just not in love with it. In the mean time just trying to use it up before I buy another.

*Wanting to try: BB Creams, Cream Blush, Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (gets amazing reviews from my Favorite Beauty Gurus - see post below).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

Favorite Beauty Gurus

My inspiration for this blog and for all things beauty comes from all the incredible beauty gurus out there these days! I thought I would share with you my all-time favorite YouTubers and bloggers that I follow on a daily basis (in no particular order).

1. Elle & Blair
Youtube: (Elle) (Blair)

Not only are they well-known from being nominated for Choice Web Star on the Teen Choice Awards this past year, but also as some of the most-viewed YouTube videos for their tutorials and vlogs. They're both young, fun, and entertaining to watch with great insight into the latest products and how-to's. They have fashion hauls on their blog, give advice on makeup storage, and other random things that come in handy to know such as favorite candles or teas!

2. Makeup Geek
Best thing about Makeup Geek is that she also has a store with NYX cosmetics, MAC pigment samples, and her new line of products (MUG). The MAC pigment samples are amazing, because for any of you who have spent the $20 for one pigment that is a pretty large container, you know you'll never really use all of it. The sample-size are MUCH cheaper at $3.99/each and plenty of pigment. It's also a way to try out fun colors without breaking the bank on something you don't really need/can't wear every day. Since the new MUG line of eyeshadows came out, I've only had one order- but I love all of the shades. They are incredibly pigmented and creamy with perfect, unique colors. I got cocoa bear, glamorous, purely naked, gold digger and purple rain. Also, they come in tins, so they fit perfectly into my MAC custom palettes (but much cheaper than MAC)! I'll post pictures of my palettes in a post soon :). Her videos are also really well-done and informative, with everything from neutral to creative looks!

3. Amarixe
She's just a year older than I am and also a student who just loves makeup and fashion...with great taste too! She posts on her blog frequently, reviewing the latest and greatest products- drugstore and expensive brands. She has a great personality and it is enjoyable to watch her videos.

4. Makeup by Alli
I've mentioned her before about how she raved about the Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright pencil. She has great tutorials and has a down-to-earth personality. She is thorough about her reviews of products, definitely a plus! All of her looks are not only flawless, but very wearable for everyone and practical for day-to-day.

5. Beauty by Carli
Carli has an eye for the perfect color combinations. Each look she creates is absolutely stunning! One of my favorite things about her is that she seems to truly cares about her followers. She responds quickly and posts according to what people want to see. I'm sure if you asked her to do a tutorial on a certain look, she'd do it that week or the next! She also uses a lot of affordable drug store products so you can recreate the look without spending a ton, while also using MAC as well. She does celebrity looks such as Megan Fox and Adriana Lima which are fun to watch. She is a makeup artist in the New Jersey area, so if any of you are from around there then I would definitely contact her!

6. The Beauty Department
This blog is a combined effort of Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine! It's strictly a blog with picture-tutorials and tips/tricks for trendy looks in hair/makeup. It's a very professional, fashion-driven blog which is something that makes it stand out. Not to mention, the people writing it are the best of the best!

Let me know what you think of these! Are there any that you follow that I didn't mention here? I'm always willing to be introduced to more beauty gurus to follow.

Sephora VIB Status

I recently, FINALLY, reached the premium level of Sephora Beauty Insiders, V.I.B. (Very Important Beauty Insider). I think it was well-deserved for the amount of money I have spent trying so many products, and always trying to be loyal to Sephora for purchasing makeup. With this award, I received a discount for my next purchase, and immediately put together my order.
On this first purchase of the new year, I got…

1. Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright 
It is a eye pencil in a light pink color that brightens your eyes. I first discovered it while watching the YouTube beauty channel and how she always raved about it. Originally, everyone would always use a white eyeliner pencil along their bottom water line and in the inner corner. White however is very unnatural looking, and I was never much of a fan. When I discovered this one and how perfect of a shade it was, I knew I wanted it! When I was home over winter break, I went to the mall to see if they had it in the Sephora store, but it was out of stock, which later came as no surprise. It was $20 but worth the splurge in my opinion. I’ve been using it everyday since I received my order in the mail last week. I find it's best to put it on the inner tear duct to open the eye, on the bottom water line, and if you want- even as a highlight under the brow. It is a nice, creamy consistency so it glides on easily and has decent staying-power too!

2. Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint - Charmed
This crayon-looking lip product is another product that was all over many YouTube beauty channels and blogs. It has a detailed description and great reviews on the Sephora website. For Christmas, I got my sister about 5 products from Sephora that I thought she would use and love, and this was one of the things I got her. I picked out the shade Enchanted for her skin tone. It was actually a bit more bright pink/fuchsia than rose in my opinion, but such a beautiful and VERY pigmented color…a little goes a long way. For myself, I got the color Charmed, a light, bubble gum pink color that is natural but pigmented enough to go with so many makeup looks. The tinted color actually does last for a while, and it’s also very moisturizing for a lip tint (most are drying). I always feel good about buying Tarte products because they are all natural and much better for you. This product was $24 and I even convinced my mom to buy one!

3. Rosebud Salve in a Tube
One of my favorite products since I was in middle school is the Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm that comes in a little tin. I’m not sure if they still do, but I bought mine from Bath & Body Works. First of all, it smells AMAZING. It’s also really moisturizing and lasts for a while. My only complaint about this product is the packaging/the fact it comes in a tin. It’s small and easy to take everywhere, but it’s not as easy to apply. Your options are either to use your finger (REALLY unsanitary) or to move the tin along your lips awkwardly (what I do). My tin is getting lower since I’ve had it for so long, so I don’t pick up much product with my ‘moving-the-tin’ method anymore. Therefore, I bought the Rosebud Salve in a TUBE! Unfortunately, they don’t have the strawberry balm in a tube, but the regular Rosebud is just as good. Very light scent and sheer rose color, so it works with anything. Plus, it was only $6! I use it over my Tarte LipSurgence just so the moisture lasts even longer and repairs any dryness from before. Rosebud products are awesome and really great for not just dry lips, but according to, also calms and heals irritation, soothes the sting of minor burns, helps heal cuts, tames mangled cuticles, helps fix ashy elbows and knees, and minimizes diaper rash for the little ones! If that’s not incredible for $6, then I don’t know what is!

Have you tried any of these products mentioned above?