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Feb 5, 2012

Eyes: Looks I Love

Hello lovelies,

Confession: I have an absolute obsession with Pinterest. Not only do I love the fashion and home decor ideas, the recipes & DIYs, but also the makeup looks and inspiration! These are some of my favorites that I repinned. I plan to recreate many of these looks, and include blog posts/tutorials on them as well! 

Which one is your favorite? 

Whatever gold shadow that is- I want it! PERFECT true gold shimmery sparkly gold. Suggestions?

I love the gold and purple combination. Also, I always use a soft brown just above the crease for a softer/less harsh line and an ivory/white in the inner corner and under the brow for highlight.
This frosty green shadow is absolutely gorgeous! It's an uncommon look, but it's stunning and I think will fit well into Spring with mint green being such an on-trend shade.

This is a look I often wear- the combination of pinks and purples with black eyeliner and bold lashes. It looks even more wonderful on those with green eyes- as pictured above. On the color spectrum, purple is one of the most flattering shades to make green eyes stand out even more.

I love this matte, natural look with a hint of smoke and definition to go with a red lip. Simple and classic.

Bold color-block look, but such beautiful colors that surprisingly compliment each other quite well.

This is such a simple look that I am DYING to try. Unfortunately I absolutely cannot seem to find my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in a green color very similar to this! I'm sure NYX has a similar shade but at a lower price that I will buy at Ulta soon!

Fierce smoky cat eye with purple. Yes, I clearly love purple shadow looks! Always flattering and more exciting than brown or gray.

While being a very harsh and strong smoky eye, I wanted to point out how well the black liner defines the eye especially with white right next to it. The black tip in the inner corner narrows the shape of the eye, a common beauty trick I've found from many YouTube makeup tutorial bloggers! That, in combination with a wing on the outer corner, is a fierce look if you can pull it off!

I love how soft yet defining this look is. A well-blended navy crease, satin violet, frosty light baby pink on the inner third, winged liner and curled lashes! Love it.

This icy blue is definitely intense and not an everyday look, but I absolutely LOVE the blue shade with white. Almost like a winter look gone dramatic.

Last but certainly not least, I am IN LOVE with this look! Shimmery brown, light white gold in the inner corner, and green, blue and purple liner with black in the waterline. I'm trying this as soon as I get another green liner- I have a perfect blue and purple and will be sure to do a tutorial/product recommendations!

Feel free to share any suggestions for some of the eyeshadow colors I would love to have, your favorite look, or other ideas from Pinterest that you've found and loved!

 I am still new to blogging, so any feedback and support is so greatly appreciated and I promise I will return the favor!


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