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Mar 13, 2012

Spring Break/Beach Beauty

While I go to school in Orlando, unfortunately over 30 minutes away from the beach, I was born and raised in Palm Beach, FL- sunny South Florida! My house is walking distance to the intercoastal and a 10-minute drive to one of my favorite beaches ever- Juno Beach Pier (my picture below from this past December).

I have great memories going to the beach with friends, family, my dog, and to beach resorts over the summer to go boogie boarding, snorkeling, and jet skiing. Most people say, “you don’t need to wear makeup to the beach!” Well, for makeup lovers such as myself, I see nothing wrong with wearing a little bit…comfortably, to look and feel your best.

First, start off with your SPF. Many moisturizers contain SPF or you can use a moisturizer and then put a thin layer of SPF for your face. You can also use a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream that gives you coverage, provides SPF, and keeps your skin hydrated. After that, you can use a light brush of coverage such as a pressed powder (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural) or a mineral veil/mattifying product to deduct shininess or greasiness from the SPF. You don’t want to have a caked on, matte look though. I prefer to go more dewy for a natural beach look. I then put a light sweep of bronzer to match the tan you’re about to get from laying out in the sun! I would use a thicker, fluffier brush for a natural sweep versus a more contoured appearance. I usually skip blush, but you could apply a little if you wanted such as a pinky-peach or coral color.

For my eyes, I keep it very simple. I usually apply my Urban Decay primer potion or a concealer to avoid the tired-eyes, vein-showing, discoloration look. I usually don’t put on any shadow, but if I do it’s a neutral, peach type shade and maybe a little cream highlight. If you must apply eyeliner or mascara, make sure it’s WATERPROOF! Even still, it will probably run a little bit. I find that it can irritate my eyes a little in the salt water especially, so I usually keep it pretty natural on the eyes.

What’s your go-to beach makeup look?


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