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Apr 27, 2012

Part 2: Favorite Beauty Gurus

One of my most popular posts was where I covered my favorite beauty gurus whose blogs/YouTube channels I follow every day and are my inspiration for my blog and for my personal makeup purchases! I only featured six in that post, but over time, I have a lot more that I'd like to share with all of you. For now, I'll stick to four, but look forward to a 'Part 3' soon!

  • MakeupByTiffanyD
    • Twitter: @TiffanyLD
    • Facebook: Here
    • Blog:
    • Tiffany is a self-taught makeup artist in Atlanta. She is a flawless woman and tends to focus on more natural, wear-everyday type makeup looks..which for most of us, is a lot more practical! Her style is very clean and sophisticated, and features makeup and fashion. Even her adorable golden retriever, Waylon, tends to make some appearances in her videos too! She shares a lot of great insider tips that she has discovered to make applying makeup that much easier for the ordinary girl. Her tutorials are very easy to follow as she carefully shows you step-by-step with great lighting and a great camera too.
  • Meganheartsmakeup
    • Twitter: @meganheartsm
    • Facebook: Here
    • Coming from Texas and unbelievably (I thought she was in her 20s like me) still in high school, Megan is one of my favorite YouTube gurus! An inspiration for younger girls and older girls alike, she covers makeup, hair and fashion, as well as vlogging on all things life from the perspective of a high school girl. My favorite thing about her channel is how she makes her videos very comfortable and personalized, and isn't afraid to show her true self. She uses her beautiful backyard for a lot of fashion-related videos, and even features her younger sisters in her videos sometimes. She has also been featured in Seventeen Magazine on a few different occasions. When discussing products, she always is very thorough about reading the description, where she got it, shows the packaging, shows swatches on her hand, and gives her full opinion of the product and how she plans to use it. 
  • Macbarbie07
    • Twitter: @Macbarbie07
    • Facebook: Here
    • The energetic, adorable girl behind Macbarbie07 is Bethany. I discovered her channel about a month ago and have quickly turned into a loyal follower and subscriber! She brings such a great diversity to her videos- makeup, fashion, nails- and often has different backgrounds as well instead of always sitting in a room in front of a camera. She's such a joy to follow because she is so enthusiastic and upbeat about literally everything! She has a fun personality, great taste in products/fashion, is naturally gorgeous and is loyal about posting too. 
    • Twitter: @MissJenFABULOUS
    • Facebook: Here
    • Blog: Polish and Pearls
    • Jenny is from Arizona and pretty much does it all- makeup, hair, fashion, nail polish, and vlogging with her boyfriend Frankie. She's so stunning no matter what she wears or whatever makeup look she creates. I can honestly admit that I have purchased products after seeing her review them so highly- and have never once been disappointed with her suggestions! Everything from foundation to a JewelMint bracelet. I love her personality- the perfect combination of being very free spirited, funny, and sweet. She sticks to the trends and has a style that would work on pretty much anyone, and therefore is very easy to relate to.
I definitely recommend to absolutely anyone reading this post to check out all 4 of these girls channels, as well as my original 6 favorite beauty gurus. I wouldn't specifically mention each of them if I didn't think they were the best!

Who is your favorite beauty YouTube guru/blogger? Share in a comment below, I'm always open to finding new favorites!


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