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Apr 12, 2012

Review: Sigma Brushes

I finally bought my first Sigma brushes! Question is, what was I waiting for? They are as great as everyone says they are. I got individual brushes from various collections (as you can tell, there was a bit of a height difference)!

The first brush I got is the F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush.

Price: $16

Where to buy: Sigma Website

Size: Thick handle, sturdy, well-made. The bristles themselves are THICK and DENSE. I bold those because I was amazed by how dense the brush really is. It's no wonder it creates a flawless, airbrushed finish on the skin. No streaking with this brush!

How to use: Small, circular motions to buff your foundation into the skin. Remember the 2 B's: Blend and buff!

This is my all-time favorite foundation brush I've ever used. In the Synthetic Kabuki Kit, there are 3 other brushes similar to this one as well as the F82 that retails for $56. All of the brushes are sold individually, and it was a tough decision which one to buy to start off. The F86 Tapered Kabuki came in 2nd place for me because as it describes, it reaches those 'hard to reach' places such as blending under-eye concealer in with the foundation, into the crevices of the nose, etc. I'm sure that brush or any of the others in this collection are just as amazing!

The second one I got is the F30 Large Powder Brush. This brush really is large! It's super fluffy and soft. I use it to apply powder after applying my foundation with the F82.

Price: $19

Where to buy: Sigma Website

Size: GIGANTIC! In the container I stand all my face brushes in, this brush towers over the others. It's not a bad thing, I just think it's funny how big it is. Perhaps for someone who travels a lot, this may not be the brush for you. I would, however, recommend trying another maybe travel-size Sigma powder brush because the quality is again, amazing.

How to use: Sweep over the face and blend down the neck. This brush is so big that a little product on the brush goes a long way.

This product is great for powder such as the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural or whatever powder you use. I have also used it with my Make Up For Ever powder foundation and it works really well!

I look forward to buying more Sigma brushes in the future and highly recommend them to someone wanting to buy quality brushes. Money well spent.

What are YOUR favorite Sigma brushes?


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