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Sep 7, 2012

UPDATED Favorite Online Shopping Sites!

Let me start off by saying that I have an online shopping addiction. Seriously, every day on my computer I go to many of these sites to see what new items they have. Though, with my college student budget, I don't end up buying half of what I originally put in my shopping cart. These sites- some strictly online, some are boutiques, others found at the mall- have on-trend, affordable inventory that I highly recommend checking out!

ModCloth - More vintage style, old-fashioned housewife type clothing; very unique pieces. ONLINE ONLY

Lulu*s - Girly clothing- I love their dresses and tops, as well as jewelry and shoes. ONLINE ONLY

ASOS - I love ASOS for jewelry, handbags, and clothes! I have bought a lot of products from ASOS in multiple colors (like the quilted crossbody bags). Also very popular in the UK. ONLINE ONLY

Forever21 - Obviously, Forever 21 is great for seasonal, on-trend items for a very low price! However, I try to avoid XXI for staple items (rather, get something a little better quality that will last you longer). I've also found, they get about 10-15+ new products DAILY! Part of my morning online routine, sadly enough.

Tobi - 30% discount on all new arrivals! Super cute, trendy, slightly more geared for the 20s/30s for more classy looks. ONLINE ONLY

Red Dress Boutique - Located in Athens, GA, I randomly found this boutique and love the preppiness! If you ever go to Athens, GA for any reason, I would highly recommend stopping in this store.

The Blue Door Boutique

Miss Selfridge - Also a UK brand as well, great for going out clothes and they have amazing shoes as well! I'm obsessed with some of their pumps that I am probably going to splurge on soon (certainly not pumps I neeeed). ONLINE ONLY

Amour Boutique - Located in Alabama, this boutique has ADORABLE and again preppy inventory for the young woman fashionista. They also have an online chat help with their employees that I have found to be very helpful!

ThreadSense - I love their dresses and jewelry! This is a recent find so I haven't made a purchase yet but browsing the site there's so many pieces in my shopping cart already lol. ONLINE ONLY

Conversation Pieces - I absolutely loveee their basics! Another recent find and can't wait to make my first purchase soon :). ONLINE ONLY

Francesca's Collections - You know you love a store to death when for your birthday you get giftcards to this particular store from 3 different people. Most of my chiffon tops/dresses and jewelry are from Francesca's and it's definitely one of my favorite stores!

Nasty Gal - More edgy/urban style, but lots of fun items! ONLINE ONLY

Stella & Dot - Amazing jewelry and affordable! All sorts of styles to fit the wants and needs of every fashionista. Great quality as well, it's no wonder it's so popular by bloggers and famous people too!

Bauble Bar - Featured in magazines, by bloggers, and on the Today Show sometimes (such as this morning), Bauble Bar is an amazing site for affordable, trendy jewelry. ONLINE ONLY

Jewel, Style, Shoe, and Beauty Mint - With celebrities and professional stylists behind each of these, they are made with top quality materials and are limited availability- buy it when you like it before it's gone! I say this because I loved a chain-link bracelet on Jewel Mint for a while but kept putting it off until I decided I was 100% buying it and it was sold out. I ended up winning my bid on Ebay to still own it! ONLINE ONLY

Shoe Dazzle - Get styled by taking a quiz- they have affordable and on-trend shoes! $39.95 per style! ONLINE ONLY

Just Fab - shoes for $39.95!

Sephora - As you all probably know by now, I am a HUGE, loyal Sephora fan. I love ordering online from them to read the reviews and get the free samples, as well as weekly specials :). My VIB rewards card has soooo many points on it right now too!

Ulta - Like Sephora, they also give free samples with orders. But also, I love going online at Ulta for reviews on drugstore brands and through e-mail they send TONS of coupons/discounts.

Blush - With a ton of high-end cosmetics brands, this site will also be featuring the new SKYLAR brand by Elle and Blair Fowler- some of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus! ONLINE ONLY

HauteLook - With new brands every day, HauteLook is great for getting expensive, high quality, designer items for a discount! Make sure you subscribe to their e-mail so you know what brands are coming up. ONLINE ONLY

Rent The Runway - I rented my formal dress for my sorority this spring from RTR! You can get 2 sizes if you're not sure. The price you pay for these high designer items is incredible compared to what they retail for! Great for special occasions. ONLINE ONLY

Necessary Clothing


Modern Vintage Boutique

Love Culture



Bellum and Rogue

Modern Ego



823 Boutique



Sabo Skirt


Wardrobe 360

Page 6 Boutique in South Carolina

Posh By Portia (etsy)

Chain jewelry

Also to mention, a lot of these online only shopping sites make it so easy for you- free/cheap shipping and returns!

What are your favorite online shopping sites? I know this is a long list, but I'd love to hear about more!


P.S. I will continuously be updating this as I find more and more sites (because I use it as a resource for me too when I feel like online browsing :)). Let me know if I'm missing any good ones!


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing the information about the online shopping....

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  2. I love to shop on ModCloth! Sometimes I find it so hard to hand over my credit card but in the end I always do haha. This was a great and really informative post! Just fueling my online shopping addiction hahah

    1. Ah I'm the same way. One of my worst habits is to spend time online shopping, putting things I want into the cart, and never actually (as you said) handing over my card to buy it! ModCloth is one place I actually have made a few purchases from and love it! Thanks for stopping by :)

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  4. I love that Red Dress is included! It makes up about half of my closet, no joke!

  5. has cute tops/dresses!