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May 2, 2012

From Sunshine to the City

Hello lovely followers,

I'm finally on summer vacation since I am done with my final exams and moved back home to South Florida. As many of you may know from my previous post or my Twitter, I am interning in NYC this summer at an advertising/marketing agency on Park Avenue and living in the city from end of May to beginning of August! Through this life-changing experience, I will be blogging alongside three of my friends (also from Florida, hence the name) of our experience living in the city, interning in the city, and all of the adventures that come our way.

It's a huge project that we've all been working really hard on and I would love your support! Check out our blog and Twitter which I will link below. I also plan to do a lot of beauty posts about how I do my hair and makeup for my internship and all of the awesome makeup stores NYC has to offer such as Inglot (where you can make custom palettes)- so excited!

Follow us on:

Blog: From Sunshine to the City

Twitter: @sunshinetocity

Thank you all so much for your continued support and I hope you like our blog!


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