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Jan 2, 2013

Favorite HAIR Products of 2012

In the year of 2012, I have used both drugstore and luxury products. I have provided my favorites from each category to fit your budget. Check out my favorite face, eye, lip and skincare products. Now for hair...

Let me know if there are any products you would like me to further review on an individual basis!

xx, Ariana


  1. You liked the L'Oreal Vive Pro shampoo/conditioner? I've been using Infusium since high school, but I'm looking to switch. What did you love about it?

    1. It's one of those products that at first just seemed like any other ordinary shampoo/conditioner. The difference was I found myself always going back to it. I love the smell, how easily it lathers, that I don't need to use a ton of product each time, the price is very affordable and it's easy to find, and I feel like I can go 3 days without my hair getting too greasy and I don't feel that the ingredients cause any build-up on my roots. Are there better out there? I'm sure there are! But this one hasn't let me down, so I can't beat it for now! :)

    2. Awesome, thanks! It's worth a try. I can always switch back if it doesn't do what I want. I'm looking for some major shine - I feel like my hair is rarely ever shiny! Lol

    3. Do you use any sort of serums? Like moroccan/argan oil?