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Mar 7, 2013

Did You Know?

Lately, I have been preparing for job interviews at cosmetic companies in NYC. Competitive, I know, so I take any extra time I have in my day whether it's while I'm eating breakfast or right before I go to sleep to study up on the industry. During this research, I've come across so many interesting facts that I, a beauty addict and loyal blog reader, never knew. I thought I would pass along what I find in one place for all of you :)

Did you know... (find out after the jump!)

  1. Product Expiration: The FDA does not require cosmetic companies to provide expiration dates on beauty products but a few brands list them anyway. Like food labels, some cosmetics have the month, date, and year printed on the package. Others have a symbol of a jar with an open lid, number, and letter. The open lid means the expiration date applies once the product is opened or the seal is removed. The letter is usually an "M" for month or "Y" for year. So if you see "12 M" on the symbol that means the product will last up to 12 months after it has been opened. - See more at Seventeen Magazine
  2. Lipstick Stain Solution: When you're out to eat with friends, at a bar or on a date, to avoid leaving a lipstick stain on your glass, lick the edge of your glass (secretly) right before you take a sip. That way, your lipstick won't stick to the glass AND you won't ruin your color. - See more at Lauren Conrad's blog
  3. Brush Care: First off, wetness breeds germs, a fact that applies to your synthetic brushes that you use for cream or liquid products like gel liner, lip gloss, cream blush, foundation and concealer. These should be cleaned every other day with an alcohol-based brush cleaner. Meanwhile, natural bristle brushes that are used for dry products such as powder, bronzer, blush and eyeshadow should be cleaned once a week with a moisturizing white bar soap or a gentle shampoo. - See more at Teen Vogue
Let me know what you learned and if there are any secret tips you would like to pass along

xx, Ariana

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