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Mar 13, 2013

Mario Badescu Products

After being tempted by the Ulta samples near the register and seeing many bloggers talk about Mario Badescu products, I finally gave in. After trying to figure out what products to get on their website, I saw that you can sign up for e-mails and take a survey to get free samples that are suited for your skin type. I thought that was such an awesome idea, so obviously I did it! The picture below is all of the samples I got. Pretty good deluxe sizes too and I loved the variety! Nothing that I wouldn't use.

What also came with these samples is a booklet with the products I received, other products they recommend, and how to use them into a daily routine. I loved that it broke it down what to use when and how. I think from a marketing perspective, even though they are losing out by sending out free samples, it is worth it in the end. Receiving these samples makes me want to buy the ones that I like. So far, I have tried almost everything and I have no complaints! My plan is to use these products and nothing else until they run out to see how my skin reacts. I had heard before that the products don't smell great, but I really haven't found that. Do they smell amazing? Not really. But they are a light, herbal fragrance that doesn't bother me at all. Some products do have a chemical scent, but that's only because of the acid or sulfur that is in them. Either way, I'm not totally turned off by the smell.

Last but not least, the package came with a product guide. It's pretty long and detailed, including every single product they have with the price, size and uses. Once my samples are up, I plan to review it until I make my purchases in case there's something I didn't get that appeals to me.

Coincidentally, after signing up for the samples, I saw Mario Badescu on HauteLook! Since the prices were less than on their website, I picked up a few items to try out too but in the full-size, including the cult-favorite Drying Lotion that SO many people swear by as a spot treatment. More specifically, I got the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser to use 2-3x/week as a chemical exfoliant and the Acne Repair Kit.

In the Acne Repair Kit, there is the drying lotion, drying cream and buffering lotion. All these products are full-size and is a great deal versus buying them individually. The drying lotion is meant to be a spot treatment that you leave on overnight. The drying cream is meant for those huge, underground blemishes that we all despise! Lastly, the buffering lotion is meant for the cystic flare-ups that contains a  highly concentrated formula with sulfur and allantoin. All of these products are to be used after cleansing and toning the face.

Overall, so far I have been very impressed by Mario Badescu. I even saw on the blog Wit & Whimsy that I follow (you can find in my blog roll on the right side and can see the post here) is that they have a spa with skincare specialists and a retail store in New York City, where I will be moving to in a few months. I can't wait to visit and get a facial or something! 

What Mario Badescu products have you tried or love?

xx, Ariana


  1. Hello, Hun!
    So lovely! ♥ Why don't we follow each other? :)


  2. love their products so much (as you know!) thanks so much for reading about my visit to their spa and you should definitely plan on a facial when you move to new york- so exciting you're moving here!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! :) I absolutely love your blog and follow it daily. You have such a perfect fashion and beauty sense and are very admirable to me. I can't wait to be living in the city- although for right now feeling pretty stressed about finding an apartment and such. It will be worth it in the end though I know for sure, and I definitely will get a facial there when I get a chance!