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Apr 1, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

After seeing this tag go around the YouTube world and blogosphere, I thought it would be fun and have finally jumped on the bandwagon. Here it goes...

  1. I'm a sister of Alpha Xi Delta sorority at my school
  2. I've never seen snow (True Floridian problems) and I LOVE the beach
  3. I love to travel and the French Riviera was my favorite place ever
  4. I'm a huge animal lover and really miss all my pets that have passed away <3 Small dogs are my favorite
  5. I love pictures and scrapbooked my entire life up until the end of high school. I started making slideshows on iMovie afterwards and have been throughout college.
  6. Within the past few years, I have become pretty addicted to online shopping
  7. I don't understand how people aren't on social media daily
  8. I check my e-mail constantly (like 30+ times a day) even when I'm not expecting anything
  9. I have had really weird sicknesses that were incurable and I want to find a real-life Dr. House!
  10. Bad manners and chewing with your mouth open are the biggest turnoffs in a person
  11. I'm moving to NYC this May after I graduate from college! :)
  12. I'm not religious at all but I do believe everything happens for a reason, good or bad
  13. I am a list fanatic. Right now, I have over 15 lists (stickies on my computer, agenda, notepad, Google Docs, etc.)
  14. I can't stand when my closet isn't color-coded, I just can't find anything I'm looking for!
  15. I still wear my retainer most nights even though I got my braces off 6 years ago
  16. I have had a total of 8 internships and 2 jobs in my career field within the past 3 years of undergrad. Work hard and great opportunities will come your way.
  17. I can't sleep without the fan blowing on me on the highest level
  18. I had mono my senior year of high school and it was the worst experience of my life
  19. Genetically, I am prone to breast cancer and hope to become involved in research/prevention and raising money to support those affected
  20. I rarely drive on the highway and will do whatever I can not to, hence moving to NYC and selling my car
  21. I am a HUGE foodie and the least picky eater! My parents own a gourmet store, so that's why.
  22. My parent's favorite memory of my childhood is when they were having a dinner party at the house and I went to the table where the hors d'euovres were and in panic asked in front of everyone, "wait...where's the caviar?!" - I was 5 years old.
  23. I am half Greek and celebrate Greek Easter with my family, even though my name and appearance isn't Greek at all
  24. I've never had a boyfriend
  25. Being generous makes me happy, even if the generosity isn't always returned by those I offer it to
  26. I taught myself to cook this year and make some pretty wonderful, simple and healthy meals now! If you'd like to see some recipes and such, leave a comment below and I'll do some posts on it
  27. I've been through 3 bad hurricanes
  28. I have no interest in trying drugs or cigarettes EVER in my life, I just think it's gross.
  29. I always am conscious of maintaining good PR upon myself and will take the extra time and effort to make my self presentable even to go grocery shopping
  30. I love to sleep and have the ability to easily sleep over 12 hours
  31. I don't enjoy stupid humor like some movies and YouTube videos these days
  32. Seinfeld and Law & Order will always be some of my favorite shows
  33. I've never been stung by a bee (and don't ever want to)
  34. I love beach theme everything, hence my room is filled with starfish, seashells, sanddollars, etc.
  35. When I was in elementary school, all of my best friends moved away within the same couple years (to Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas, Canada, California, etc) so in some ways, I had to start over. If anything, it's usually that YOU move away, not your friends.
  36. I am a good influence on my friends (and their parents love me for it)
  37. Ask me anything and I will answer. I don't hide things from people ever
  38. During my senior year of high school, my senior year superlative in the yearbook was "Most Dependable"- funny that it was one of the 10-15 superlatives, I think. Never heard of it anywhere else, but I was honored regardless!
  39. I am not a dare devil at all and do not enjoy the thrill/adrenaline rush. No rollercoasters for me!
  40. I've never owned an iPhone (T-Mobile problems :/)
  41. I am very friendly and love meeting new people. Networking and keeping in touch are my forte.
  42. I played piano for 7 years. I loved it but got overwhelmed by the classes along with school and sports so I stopped.
  43. I am WAY more afraid of cockroaches than I am of spiders, snakes and sharks. But, my biggest and most honest fear in life is losing a loved one
  44. I admire people who are very creative, spontaneous or witty
  45. I would love to start up a YouTube channel one day and I'm thinking of doing so once I move to NYC. Thoughts??
  46. I am thankful everyday for such a perfect, supportive, loving, happy family
  47. Many nights I would rather stay home, watch a movie, eat Ben & Jerry's and curl up in my bed than go out to a bar/club/party.
  48. I don't take things too personally and therefore seem to be an easy target for jokes!
  49. I get a pretty bad case of the giggles sometimes. Thankfully it's gotten better as I've gotten older but still comes out once and a while and is often embarrasing.
  50. I have big dreams and the dedication to make them happen! You should too :)
What do we share in common? Leave it in a comment below!

xx, Ariana

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