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May 28, 2013

A Quick Pre-moving Beauty Haul!

In just 12 hours from now, I will be at the airport ready to begin my journey up to New York City. This time I mean one-way ticket style, so exciting/scary! I had some giftcards and wish lists that I've accumulated since Graduation and decided to do some last-minute shopping. 

In terms of beauty products, I picked up two new Real Techniques brushes (blush and powder). I wanted these because I've just been so in love with the RT brushes I do have and am not sure where in New York City I'll be able to find them. The only places I know of that sell them are Ulta and Bed Bath & Beyond (select stores that carry cosmetics). Something that wasn't planned was yet another Essie shade! Typical me...impulse nail polish spender. I passed the Resort Collection and saw this coral gem called Sunday Funday (such a cute name)! I shockingly enough don't have anything similar and thought it would be perfect on my toes for summer.

Last but certainly not least, a blogger and executive cult-favorite, the Stila Convertible Color in Petunia. This color is perfect for me, not to say I wasn't tempted by a few other shades. I have NEVER owned a cream blush before- crazy, I know. Honestly, I have oily skin and never though it would really work for me. I decided if I'm going to try one, I might as well try the best. Doesn't hurt that it can be used on the lips too. Multi-purpose products will be great in my adjustment phase from school to job (aka lots of time crunches)! I spoke to the man at the Stila counter in Nordstrom about this product for a while. He said he recommends applying it with a sponge or synthetic brush. Why yes, your fingers is an option too, but bacteria is easily spread that way. It lasted on me for SO long while I did the rest of my shopping and packing later on at home. Impressive product and I can't wait to wear it more this summer!

Stay tuned for many NYC-related posts coming soon! xx

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  1. Great little Haul, I have the Stila convertible blush and it's lovely. Lasts ages and blends in really easily. I was surpised at how moisturising it was when I used it on my lips. You'll love it!!
    Lou from LouLovesBeauty