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May 29, 2013

Moving to NYC: Part 1

Whether you are a friend, family member, or a blog/social media follower of mine, by now you know I am moving to NYC (and almost officially there)! I can't even begin to explain how much love, support and guidance I have gotten so far through this entire process. But with a move to NYC, like many young people's dream, I have also received a novels worth of questions. I will be posting many NYC-related posts in the future to address as many of the frequent questions I have received to answer at once to all my friends and for anyone else interested in the process. Feel free to comment below with questions!

Step 1: You want to move to NYC. Then what? Read after the jump...

  • Have you completed your Bachelor's Degree yet or are you going to in the near future? If your answer is yes, move forward to the next bullet. If not, well that's up to you I suppose. I personally feel you should complete it before entering the workforce. Yeah, you might have killer connections and experience, but you don't want to have to deal with taking classes later on if you need it.
  • Do you have a variety of internship experience? This is crucial because it is extremely competitive. With that said, there is also tremendous opportunity. If you're still in school, take on as much as you can handle because the more experience you have to talk about in an interview and put on your resume, the better. Some of your internship connections may really help you out too. I also think from my experience that interning in NYC for a summer prior to moving is extremely beneficial. It's not only great for networking and the experience of living in the city, but also interning for a name that a potential future employer will recognize.
  • Are you financially stable? No beating around the bush here, NYC is expensive! Through this whole moving process, it has turned out to be way more than I thought it would be, so this is my warning. How you may ask? Here's just a few costs I've come across: traveling (flights/baggage/cab) to NYC to find an apartment, traveling to NYC for interviews, staying at hotels and eating out during those days, broker's fees (10-15% of the ANNUAL rent), moving trucks, last-minute changes (prices go WAY up if you change your flight a few days before), furniture, delivery charges, FEES, etc. Point being, it all adds up realllyyy fast! If you live in the Tri-State area, you do for sure have an advantage. For my fellow southern folks, not quite so easy! Don't give up yet. It IS possible. I think the best thing you can do is work your last year of college and save it all! You will thank yourself later and so will your parents (if they are willing to help you at first). 
  • How familiar are you with the city? I'm talking neighborhoods, transportation, etc. Whether you feel like you are or not, I suggest doing a ton of research and talking to as many people as you can who do or have lived in the city. Insider knowledge has been a huge help to get things done more efficiently. My parents both lived in the city when they were out of college working and I interned for 10 weeks in the city last summer. After also traveling to the city throughout my life, you become more aware of what certain situations will be like instead of coming in blind to the situation. Save yourself the stress, do your research first to make sure it's the right place for you and then narrow down what you're looking for that is realistic (career/living).
P.S. I won't have internet in my new apartment for almost a week (yikes!) so sadly, don't expect any blog posts next week. I will have my trusty phone to update social media constantly as usual. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates!

***Please leave questions as comments and I will definitely answer them in my next post to the best of my ability!***

xx, Ariana

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  1. I'm officially jealous! I hope you are enjoying the city! It's so magical! Can't wait to hear more about your journey! Happy weekend! XO